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Store » American » Antique Black Americana Cast Iron Hitching Post Head Topper Collar Original Post

Antique Black Americana Cast Iron Hitching Post Head Topper Collar Original Post

Hitching Post

This is a very rare hitching post from the second half of the 19th century a wonderful Folk Art Black Americana piece. The hitching post is octagonal shaped solid wood with an iron hook on the front to tie off to. The topper is a cast iron full head of a black man with an iron servants collar and traces of early paint and an amazing old surface. Oh the old patina! The collar appear to be one piece with the head but not sure. They are bolted to the wooden post and it appears to be original to the post. The post is broken off at the bottom and we have added a wonderful iron folk art stand to hold the piece upright.

There could be some discussion as to whether this is a hitching post or a mooring post for a boat. Either way it has an amazing wonderful look. The head is hollow and there is a hole in the top possibly for drainage. The head is very close to the size of a human head, it was said that actual racing jockeys were used as the pattern for some of these type pieces.

The overall height of the piece in the stand is 56" tall and the iron base plate is 20 1/2" in diameter. The head including the collar is 10" high x 6 1/2" wide and 7 1/2" deep.

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