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Store » Clocks/Watches » vintage Rare Angelus Globe Weather Station with five instruments

vintage Rare Angelus Globe Weather Station with five instruments

This Rare Angelus Globe Weather Station with five instruments, Angelus Super 8 day clock, Thermometer, Barometer and Hydrometer plus a compass in the base. Stamped on the bottom of the is base, Modele Depose-408. It is made of bronze with beautiful workmanship. A outstanding feature of this piece is the clock, The Angelus company made the movement for the most sought after Panerai 8 day wristwatch That is inside this little globe. Today you can buy that Panerai 203 Luminor for $105,0000.00 and up! Now you know why this little globe is so special. Angelus – a byword for innovative watchmaking Angelus is a high-end watch brand based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. Dating back nearly 125 years, Angelus has been one of the most influential horological manufactures of the last century. Connoisseurs of high-end watchmaking have universally hailed Angelus' pioneering, in-house developed movements and timepieces, which continue to be coveted by collectors all over the world. The clock has kept good time for years for me, I think the other instruments work, as well as I can tell. The piece is in excellent condition, no breaks of repairs. It shows very little wear for a piece that I think was made in the 1950's. See the pictures for the condition too. If you have any questions please email me. Texas res 8.25% sales tax. Thanks for looking.
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