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Store » Collectibles » Antique Folk Art Snake On Tree Natural Wood Occurrence

Antique Folk Art Snake On Tree Natural Wood Occurrence

Antique Folk Art

This is a wonderful natural occurrence transformed into a piece of Folk Art. A tree trunk with a vine wrapped around it transformed into a snake wrapped around the tree. You can view the vine in the photos that was wrapped around the tree trunk and yet the tree continued to grow. An artist cut the tree with the vine intact and took a natural piece of wood that resembled a snakes head and attached it to the vine. The forked tongue is also a natural piece of wood. The snake/vine and head were then painted red to highlight it as a snake.

The piece was found in a collection in Bucks County Pennsylvania and by the wear on the paint and age of the surface was done sometime in the early 1900's. The piece can be displayed standing up as we had an iron folk art stand made for it or if you have the space could be laid down flat for display.

This is an amazing one of a kind piece of Folk Art. The piece stands 85 1/2" tall or long, and 7" wide, the base/stand is 24" in diameter.

We can safely ship this piece both Nationally and Internationally, please ask for a quotation.



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