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Store » Vintage » Antique Metal Railroad Crossing Guard Arm With Reflectors

Antique Metal Railroad Crossing Guard Arm With Reflectors


A very unique if not rare piece of railroadianna. This is a crossing guard gate arm with glass reflectors. The arm is sheet metal with the cast iron glass marble reflector mounts and a cast iron attachment device on the bottom. The arm also has a bend down the lower part on one side as if it was attached to something else. One side has yellow reflectors and the other red and on one side the paint is a little more faded than the other. I have not ever seen this form before but oh what a look.

The piece is close to the size of a normal adult forearm with painted fingers and other details. The arm is 19 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide and when mounted on the included iron stand it is 23 3/4" tall. Found in South Carolina circa 19th century.


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