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Store » Vintage » Antique Pierre Imans of Paris Full Size Male Mannequin Ca.1900-1920

Antique Pierre Imans of Paris Full Size Male Mannequin Ca.1900-1920

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For sale we have an Antique Pierre Imans of Paris Full Size Paris Male Mannequin Ca.1900-1920. The upper torso and arms & head are fully articulated. Only the legs are somewhat stationary. He has red hair and beautiful violet glass eyes. Imans was very well known for his attention to detail on his mannequins. You will see in the photos that this piece clearly bears the Imans name in several places. His mannequins were used in the finest stores around the world. This mannequin has several areas that are worn or have been repaired and his hands are original but have been repainted. For a mannequin that is over 100 years old, he's in pretty darn good shape. Besides, when you dress him up you won't even see the wear marks and cracks. He stands 70" tall and is 20" wide from elbow to elbow. This is a very desirable piece and difficult to find in this kind of condition. There is also a custom steel plate stand that measures 26" x 26" that comes with him. We have seen just an Iman s mannequin head sell for close to $500.00! Please see all the pictures for details and condition. NOTE: If shipping is necessary we will quote it on a location by location basis. 




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