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Avonlea hosts lots of events. Keep an eye on our event's page for the clanedar of what coming up.

Avonlea is always looking at the trending ideas.

Every Year Avonlea hosts an antique and classic car show.

Ideal to sit as decoration or a prop, but it still works too, if your computer breaks down!

one of the cars that turned up in 2015 for our car show. We had 75 altogether! Itwas a great day out!

The third Wednesday of every month is our "Talk and Tea and Avonlea" We have guest speakers who give seminars on a variety of subject or workshops with some hands on experience! The tickets for these are usually around $12

This is Avonlea's new branding logo. Look for it on any period and fine quality period antique and design accessory.

This young lady was awestruck looking at our Christmas Model train Village. Come and check it out this year!

'Avonlea' by local artist Tess Sopp.

The quality of our period furniture needs no explanation.

Avonlea champions the use of Antiques in today's contemporary decor trends

Avonlea has a huge selection of china to take your breath away!

Mid Century Modern can also be found at Avonlea.

Decorating or Buying Gifts?.Avonlea can Help with original ideas.

Our bathroom is the envy of our peers! This is one of the stalls in the lady's bathroom.

Waterford, Fostoria,Heisey,Carnival and Depression Glass are just a few of the types of glass to be found at Avonlea.

There are many cabinets full of wonderful Inventory

Fine Furniture mixes well with the Period Antiques

Quirky and Iconic. You never know what you might find at Avonlea

Formal Accessories and lighting are always available at Avonlea

Avonlea is a decorator's candy store!

We have several 'Men's Caves' at Avonlea with lots of weird and wonderful items

Vintage garden decor is in abundance at Avonlea.There is always a good selection to choose from.

This is typical of a some of the fine furniture that we have at Avonlea.With over 200 dealers we have a huge cross section of inventory for all tastes and budgets

One of the booths at Avonlea

Vintage Street Clothing is legendary at Avonlea.

Rustic boxes and fabulous flow blue china platters.

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