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Store Home » Sculptures » Large Bronze figure of Persephone. Tiffany & Co. Jewelers

Large Bronze figure of Persephone. Tiffany & Co. Jewelers

Bronze by Barbedienne foundry
An impressive bronze of Persephone c1885, by the leading bronze foundry of the 19th century, F. Barbedienne. Sold through the prestigious Tiffany and Company jewelers. In this bronze Persephone is casting off her cloak of winter, and bringing spring. 27”h 17”w 15”d Bronze marked for Tiffany & Co, foundry F. Barbedienne, and the artist. original by Henry Chapu (1833-1891). From a plaster model the artist made in preparation of carving the massive marble in the gardens of Château Chantilly. c1885

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